EP28: Don’t be Incense-Itive

EP28: Don’t Be Incense-Itive

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Nov 26, 2017

The “Junto” is a club Benjamin Franklin founded way back when America was Great. The purpose of the Junto was to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy.  Our show’s not quite that stuffy, but here and there we stumble upon something profound between the geeky jokes.

The Junto Show is three friends, one black, one white, and one asian who get together and discuss the news of the day, leadership, pop culture, and whatever else comes to mind.  We bring our unique perspectives to the table and hash it all out.

In today’s show we Cover the following topics:

Beau is back, so the Junto Show is at Full Strength!

  • Catching up with the Gang Segment
    • The Gang gives our Thanksgiving Recap
    • Vox.com lists the top sides of #Thanksgiving
    • Beau gives a recap on the first few weeks of being a “Dad”
    • Dad vs Father
    • Lance and Johnny recap their World Travels
      • Lance and Johnny went to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and South Korea
  • Hot Take News (00:22:00)
    • #Tesla announces the new Tesla semi truck
    • Is #ElonMusk the most innovative man in the world now?
    • #Amazon is looking for a new location for its next HQ
      • How much should a city give up for a big corporation
    • A Volcano is erupting in Bali
    • Politico reports that the author of  “Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections Are Bad for America.” is the top choice to run the next census.
    • The Happiest cities in the USA
  • Pop Culture Segment (00:41:00)
    • Johnny is finally catching up on #MasterOfNone
    • Do you like the things that represent you, or do you like things that are different?
    • Beau gives a recap of #SouthPark #TheFracturedButtWhole
    • Batman and Harley Quinn DC Animated movie is great!
    • The #DarkTower isn’t worth your time
    • Why are the Klingons in #StarTrek Discovery so weak?!

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