EP26:The Sweetest Potpourri

EP26: The Sweetest Potpourri

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Oct 19, 2017

The “Junto” is a club Benjamin Franklin founded way back when America was Great. The purpose of the Junto was to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy.  Our show’s not quite that stuffy, but here and there we stumble upon something profound between the geeky jokes.

The Junto Show is three friends, one black, one white, and one asian who get together and discuss the news of the day, leadership, pop culture, and whatever else comes to mind.  We bring our unique perspectives to the table and hash it all out.

In today’s show we Cover the following topics:

Segment 1:

In our first Segment, the gang just lets it fly.  We cover a bunch of topics from Beau raising his boy, to us all talking about how old we were when we got our first girlfriends.  You won’t guess how old Johnny was!  Then we riff on how we’re going to raise our (imaginary kids)

Segment 2:

The gang discusses a This American Life Story about a man that struggles to find his way through the immigration debate.

Useful links:

NPR: This American Life Fear and Loathing in Homer and Rockville