EP51: Meditate and Hate

EP51: Meditate and Hate

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The “Junto” is a club Benjamin Franklin founded way back when America was Great. The purpose of the Junto was to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy.  Our show’s not quite that stuffy, but here and there we stumble upon something profound between the geeky jokes.

The Junto Show is three friends, one black, one white, and one Asian who get together and discuss the news of the day, leadership, pop culture, and whatever else comes to mind.  We bring our unique perspectives to the table and hash it all out.

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Johnny’s taking a spontaneous hiking trip. You should appreciate the out of doors. 

In today’s show we Cover the following topics:

(00:05:10) Hot Take News We are on a faster pace than initially though towards reaching the point of no return for climate change.

Major companies and the military are working on combining human brains and robots.

Study shows it’s better to be rich than smart. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2018/10/09/its-better-be-born-rich-than-talented/?utm_term=.277f9862cb3a

Should society force people into jobs they are suited for.

(00:28:10) Captain’s Ready Room Visualize yourself to happiness

(00:45:10) Pop Culture Segment The Art of Thinking Clearly


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Useful Links The Sixth Extinciton:The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, by Elizabeth Kolbert (Henry …https://www.pulitzer.org/winners/elizabeth-kolbert Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as …https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/07/climate/ipcc-climate-report-2040.html