EP30: The Pandemic Minute

EP30: The Pandemic Minute

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Feb 3, 2018

The “Junto” is a club Benjamin Franklin founded way back when America was Great. The purpose of the Junto was to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy.  Our show’s not quite that stuffy, but here and there we stumble upon something profound between the geeky jokes.

The Junto Show is three friends, one black, one white, and one asian who get together and discuss the news of the day, leadership, pop culture, and whatever else comes to mind.  We bring our unique perspectives to the table and hash it all out.

In today’s show we Cover the following topics:

We have a skeleton crew this episode with just Lance and our Guest Host – Chris (a different one)

  • Hot Take News (00:05:00)
    • Surveillance Tech Turns to audio spying
    • China Bans Hip Hop Culture
    • Amazon “GO” Store Opens up
    • The Exorcism business is Booming!
      • Do you think demons are real?
      • The gang ruminates generally on religion.
    • The United Kingdom Appoints a Minister of Loneliness
    • Does an online presence lead to sadness?
    • Lab Monkeys are breaking out, chock full of the plague.
  • The Pandemic Minute (00:27:00)
    • Do you think we are more likely, or less likely to have a mass plague or pandemic come to the modern world?
    • Does it even matter, because Elon Musk will save us.
  • Captain’s Ready Room (00:41:00)
    • We check in to see how our #Resolutions for 2018 are going.
    • Johnny wants to learn how to sail.
    • Beau’s teaching himself guitar
    • Beau teaches us about #NewAgeFunk he saw on #HypeMachine
  • Pop Culture
    • Johnny and Lance give their top 10 movies and TV Shows of 2017

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