EP25:Apologies for Sleeping through Blade Runner

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Oct 7, 2017

The “Junto” is a club Benjamin Franklin founded way back when America was Great. The purpose of the Junto was to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy.  Our show’s not quite that stuffy, but here and there we stumble upon something profound between the geeky jokes.

The Junto Show is three friends, one black, one white, and one asian who get together and discuss the news of the day, leadership, pop culture, and whatever else comes to mind.  We bring our unique perspectives to the table and hash it all out.

In today’s show we Cover the following topics:

Beau had his Baby!  So while he’s out Dad’ing it up, we have Chris back in Studio!

  • Rapid-Fire News (
    • Salmon from Wal-Mart and Aldi might be funding North Korea’s Nuclear Program
    • Netflix raising its rates in 2018
    • Lance has his first Pumpkin Spice Latte
    • Winter Storm List released
    • Uber’s iPhone app has been spying on us all, Lyft is better
    • Employers are now allowed to deny contraception
    • First job national job decline in 6 years in wake of hurricanes
    • #NorthKorea claims the USA tried to Assassinate Kim Jong Un
  • Long Form News (00:11:49)
    • Air Force Lieutenant General gives a moving speech after racial slurs were found on cadets’ dorms
    • Lance talks a little bit about historical racism in the armed forces
  • Captain’s Ready Room (Leadership) Segment (00:17:53)
    • What is the best way to apologize?
    • We discuss the philosophy of Gary Chapman, Author of The 5 Love Languages and also The 5 Languages of #Apology
    • How do you handle apologies?
    • What did you think of #CamNewton’s apology?
    • Are people only apologizing because they got caught?
  • Pop Culture Segment (00:33:14)
    • The Big Sick
    • #Transformers The Last Night
    • #Kingsman: The Golden Circle
    • DC is giving up on its Connected Movie universe
    • All three of us Fell asleep trying to watch the Original #BladeRunner
    • Netflix is making “Raising Dion” into a series
    • There is Beef Between #TheRock and #Tyrese because The Rock is doing a solo Fast and Furious Movie #FastAndFurious
    • The #Punisher trailer got delayed due to the #LasVegas Shotting

Useful links:

⁃Blade Runner (1982) Rotten Tomatoes https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/blade_runner

Air Force general gives moving speech after racial incident.


Cam Newton Laughs at Reporter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3morj18dJE

Cam Newton “Apologizes” for laughing at reporter